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In March 2007, passed the recognition of Hi-tech enterprises of Shenzhen city 
In June 2008, Shenzhen Jufei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd officially launched reform listing works
In May 2009, convened lean management project startup meeting
In January 2011, won the "key High-tech enterprise of national torch plan in 2010" 
In May 2011, won the " China the most growth LED enterprises in 2010" 
In March 2012, listed by the shenzhen stock exchange on GEM successfully 
In June 2012, awarded independent & innovation of top one hundred small & medium enterprises in 2011
In January 2014, ranked the 64th of China small and medium enterprises on Forbes list in 2013 
In June 2014,technology center was recognized as Municipal Technical Center of Shenzhen
In August 2015, Jufei was award as one of the Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Province
In March 2016, small pitch display LED product 1010 successfully launched the market
In June 2016, Lab authenticate by CNAS 
In September 2016, conduct IPD R&D management system to improve overall R&D management ability 
In october 2016, establish IE team, push lean management deeper and wider
In November 2016, passe the recognition of Engineering Technology Research and Development Center of Guangdong Province
In December 2016, annual business revenue of the company breakthrough 1 billion CNY
In February 2017, Top 50 Enterprises of China Electronic Information Industry Innovation Ability