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Lean Management

 1. Localization of lean management
"lean management, improve continuously" is management principle of the company. It solves the problem of " how to innovation and how to improve competiveness continuously, provides strong support for promoting personal performance assessment and creats a steady basis to achieve company's strategic target.
  • The process of how lean management acclerates the achievement of company's strategy
2. Development of lean management
3. Classified catalogue of lean management
4. Popularize of lean management
  • Foundational management
Build good on-site management, improve efficiency and quality.
  • Innovation management
At the end of 2016, then quantity of improvement proposal is 35020pcs.
At the end of 2016, excellent proposals creat CNY 4.833 million for the company.


  • Project management

At the end of 2016, then quantity of focusing subjects and QCC improvement proposal is 248pcs

At the end of 2016, finished excellent proposals creat CNY 4,833 million for the company.

  • Promotion and application of IE
IE method continues to be promoted in the company. It is applied in warehouse system to guide everyone to improve, finally the warehouse department's per capita efficiency increased 33.3%.
5. Result of implement lean management
Promote the comprehensive competitiveness of Jufei.