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Quality Greeting Card from Hisense

Date:2017-2-7 11:29

On 6th Feb, 2017, JF received a special New Year greeting card. The card is from Hisense, one of the world’s top three LCD TV manufacturers. The quality management team of Hisense gives high recognition and appreciation to JF for years of work and support. In the card it mentions: in 2016, the quality of JF’s LED LB ranks No.1 among all Hisense’s suppliers of the same kind, and hope JF to keep on. For us, it’s a great honor.


2017 is a year full of opportunity and challenge. Inspired by the spiritroll up our sleeves and go full speed ahead”, JF will lay down the past achievements, work together with our customer to implement the application of LED and make contribution to energy conservation and environment protection in 2017!



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