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The photoelectric Jufei meet customer demand "for the purpose of financial services concept into the    shaping of corporate culture, to establish a" customer satisfaction "Service values, and constantly improve the customer-oriented service management system, continuing to enhance the company's service level.


2012 in client Jufei will focus on introduction of“Three hearts”Service:
 “Three hearts”Service:Allows customers to buyRest assured,Use withPeace of mind,   CooperationComfortable

Industry-leading technology innovation Force and excellent product quality
Safely select Jufei for partners

Use products of Jufei is peace of mind,
JIT Delivery and quick customer service response will Will gather to fly to become your excellent partners

The two sides will further expand corporate Management experience and corporate culture Exchanges, and gradually form a strategic partnership Partnerships, long-term cooperation is very comfortable

 Rest assured

  Grasp the trend, always leading
   the cutting-edge technology, has
   introduced a performance leading
   product quality, high reliability
   Customers are using products to      ensure the continu-ous supply

 Peace of mind

   Standard product delivery within two  
    daysDelivery is not morethan 2  
    BIN-level Customer service fast      responseStandardized design to  
    facilitate customer and technical        
    personnel selection Comprehensive      technical support and technical exchange


   Strategic partnership and
 common development
 Continue to enhance customer      competitiveness
 Help create value for customers
 and benefits